Sunday, April 18, 2010


1. Only God can change sunsets into sunrises.

2. Sometimes you have to let God turn your life upside down so you can learn to live right-side up

3. Look all around you. God's in front of you, beside you, behind you, and above you.

4. Sometimes God doesn't change your situation because he is trying to change your heart.

5. Sad how we sometimes worry more about what others think than what God thinks of us. Live for today, your bright future has no room for ugliness from you past.

6. God loves everyone ... no exceptions!

7. Life will be rough, and life will be tough- But still, Life is grand when you know where you stand...

8. The priceless gift of life is love, For with the help of God above, Love can change the human race, And make this world a better place

9. Live in such a way that those who know you but don't know God , will come to know God because they know you...

10. says as you go through life you meet people that change whether or not you know how that is a different story either way GOD put them here for a reason

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